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Our company offers a wide range of modern agricultural equipment and navigation systems for agricultural machinery.

Agricultural machinery is machinery used in farming or other agriculture. There are many types of such equipment, from hand tools and power tools to tractors and the countless kinds of farm implements that they tow or operate. Diverse arrays of equipment are used in both organic and nonorganic farming. Especially since the advent of mechanised agriculture, agricultural machinery is an indispensable part of how the world is fed. Combines might have taken the harvesting job away from tractors, but tractors still do the majority of work on a modern farm. They are used to push/pull implements—machines that till the ground, plant seed, and perform other tasks.
Technology is changing the way that humans operate the machines, as computer monitoring systems, GPS locators[3], and self-steer programs allow the most advanced tractors and implements to be more precise and less wasteful in the use of fuel, seed, or fertilizer. In the foreseeable future, there may be mass production of driverless tractors, which use GPS maps and electronic sensors.

Fresh organic product
Special equipment

Alfa Horizon offers a full range of new farm equipment:

Harvesting / post-harvest:
Buckrake—for silage making
Grain cart (with built in Grain Auger)
Conveyor belt
Cotton picker
Farm truck
Grain dryer
Harvestor / harvester built for harvesting specific crops. (e.g. Bean harvester, Beet harvester, Carrot harvester, Combine (grain) harvester / Stripper, Header, Corn harvester, Forage or silage harvester, Grape Harvester, Over-the-row mechanical harvester for harvesting apples, Potato harvester, Potato spinner/digger which is becoming obsolete, and Sugarcane harvester. Variations of harvesters are stripper cleaners and stripper loaders. Haulm topper
Mechanical Tree Shaker and other Orchard Equipment Mower
Reaper-binder (now mostly replaced by the Swather)
Rice huller
Swather (more common in the northern United States and Canada)
Wagon (and variations of Gravity wagons, Trailers—e.g. Silage trailers, grain hopper trailers and lighter, two-wheeled Carts)
Tractors / Two-wheel tractors
Tracked tractors, cultivators
Dragged teeth (also called shanks) that pierce the soil Rotary motion of disks or teeth. Examples are: Power tiller / Rotary tiller / Rototiller / Bedtiller / Mulch tiller / Rotavator
Cultipacker, chisel plow
Harrow (e.g. Spike harrow, Drag harrow, Disk harrow) Plow or plough {various specialized types}
Stone / Rock / Debris removal implement (e.g. Destoner, Rock windrower / rock rake, Stone picker / picker)
Subsoiler, rotator, roller, strip till toolbar
Plough (Notice the soil being turned over).
Trowel (khurpi), seed drill (Box Drill, Air Drill)
Liquid manure/slurry spreader and Liquid manure fertilizer spreader (e.g. slurry tanker), dry Manure spreader, sprayer
Trailed sprayer for orchards and vineyards
Drip irrigation/micro spray heads
Sprinkler system
Center pivot irrigation
Produce sorter
Blemish sorter, color sorter
Density Sorter, diameter sorter
Internal/taste sorter
Shape sorter
Weight sorter
Our company stocks an extensive range of agricultural parts for customers to help keep your machinery running on the farm day in, day out. As a dealer we stock many genuine parts from Case IH, JCB, Kuhn, Simba Great Plains, Iseki, Bomford, AW Trailers, Dalbo, Suzuki, Logic, Mountfield and Stiga; however we can also source other branded parts if required.
We carry a large range of farm machinery parts in stock and if we don’t have the required part in stock, then we should normally be able to obtain it for you by the following working day.